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A Lyrical Journey

Verena Bachinger (a.k.a Cafe Ena) is an Austrian singer-songwriter based in Lisbon, Portugal. She writes about the places, people and experiences that have shaped her life and the things in the world that inspire us to speak out.

In November 2019 she released her debut EP, “Break the Hush,” featuring 4 new and original songs exploring how we deal with life, whether we tread through or fight back and speak out in the face of adversity. The collaboration with Portuguese producer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Cardoso ventures into new territory with darker sounds and electronic elements, while maintaining a magnetic pop sensibility.

“Finding Our Hearts”, her first single from the EP, received airplay on several radio stations throughout Portugal.

Her journey as a songwriter began in 2014, when she began studying composition and writing songs in Jerusalem, Israel. Over the next 2 years, she experimented writing in various genres and styles before moving to Lisbon in 2016.

Latest Releases

Cafe Ena Finding Our Hearts
Cafe Ena Break The Hush
Cafe Ena Lovers In The Day
Cafe Ena Beyond The Tears

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